How to Care for Your Exercise Equipment

When it comes to caring for your workout equipment, you’ll need to be thoughtful about what you use to clean your stuff and where you store it. There are plenty of eco-friendly workouts cleaning products, as well as a few homemade remedies. Keep in mind that where you put your equipment has a big impact on how often you need to clean your workout equipment and how long it will last.

Steer Clear of the Sun

Caring for your exercise equipment starts with proper storage and placement. The sun can have an effect on the lifespan of your equipment. Any workout equipment that contains latex, vinyl or other sun-sensitive plastics should be kept well away from UV light. Consider keeping things like Bosu Balls, resistance bands, vinyl weights, and other small items tucked away in a closet or bin with a lid when not in use.

For bigger equipment, such as items such as free weight machines shouldn’t sit too long exposed to the sun. The seat covers and other parts will quickly wear out and come apart in the sun.

Keep a Steady Temperature

When storing your exercise equipment, you’ll want to keep it in a place that isn’t subject to extreme heat, cold, or temperature change. If your garage isn’t insulated or conditioned, it isn’t the best place to store your exercise equipment. Instead, store it somewhere in a temperature-controlled environment to avoid the materials being put under stress from intense temps. 


How to Clean Almost Any Piece of Exercise Equipment

If you have latex equipment, so resistance bands, stability balls, and similar types of exercise equipment need to be cleaned without soap and water. Soapy water breaks down the latex, which will ruin your equipment over time. Instead, opt for an eco-friendly cleaning solution with your latex equipment. Plant-based cleaning wipes or a little vinegar and a washcloth work great. These items should only be cleaned on an as-needed basis when there is visible dirt build-up or you spilled something on them.

Yoga mats, foam rollers, and other equipment should be treated the same as latex-based equipment. Use gentle, plant-based cleaners or vinegar. Wash these items weekly if you use them multiple times a week, once a month if you use them sparingly. Keep in mind, cleaning wipes don’t work well with yoga mats.

Dust Kills

Dust, especially if you live in dry climates, is the number one nuisance for exercise equipment with moving parts. Dust can get into electronics, belts, and moving parts causing real problems for machines and cardio equipment. Vacuum your cardio equipment or dust it once a week to make sure it runs properly and avoids the buildup of dust in the moving components.

You can clean the electronics in your cardio machine using alcohol and cotton swabs. Be sure to wipe down any connection points once a month. 

Don’t Drop it Like it’s Hot

A lot of people push themselves when they work out, and although we encourage a healthy strength workout, try not to lift things that are so heavy you drop them after a set. Dropping your weights causes microfractures, which decrease the strength of the weight over time. Instead, gently place your weights back on the floor or rack when you’re finished.

Overall, you want to make sure you examine your exercise equipment and clean it at least once a month (unless we just specified otherwise). That way you’ll keep your workout gear in tip-top shape, so you can workout smarter and longer.