9 Questions to Ask in Order to Find the Best Personal Trainer for Your Fitness Goals

Finding a personal trainer can be a daunting, confusing experience. The fitness market is well-saturated and so many people claim to be fitness trainers, but how do you find the person that truly fits your fitness goals? This insider guide on how to find a personal trainer encourages you to ask the right questions and find the perfect trainer for your fitness objectives.

Ask for Certifications

Always ask your potential personal trainer about their certifications. There is a wide variety of certifications for personal trainers, and each one varies in quality and specialty. Once you’ve got the list of acronyms, Google them to learn about their reputation and what they represent.  The biggest certifications we recommend are NASM and ACE. These are two of the most widely known certifications and both are highly reputable. If your trainer lacks certifications, this is definitely a red flag, since they may not be properly trained to handle fitness issues, planning, health, and safety.

Do They Have References?

Just like you would read a Yelp review about a restaurant, it’s always important to ask for references when you are looking for a personal trainer. Don’t just read testimonials on a website, but ask if they can give you the contact information of some light

these references. Then, follow up. Testimonials and reviews can be bought and doctored, so actually reaching out to someone who uses your prospective personal trainer allows you to really gauge the level of that person’s service, as well as allows you to ask any particular questions you may have.q

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What is Their Educational Background?

A lot of personal trainers either underwent a career change or didn’t attend college. And while that path is perfectly okay, it shows an extra sense of passion and responsibility if that person also has a degree in physiology, biology or a related field. It certainly isn’t required but it shows an extra level of dedication to their craft.

Is your prospect an EMT? Did they go to med school? Although these skills are highly valuable in life, they don’t necessarily translate to personal training. When searching for a personal trainer, look for degrees that focus on body movement and health.


How Long Have They Been a Trainer?

We all know the saying, “we all had to start somewhere” but that doesn’t mean you should hire a personal trainer that doesn’t have experience. Look for a personal trainer that has more than a year of experience. Inquire if your perspective personal trainer does training full time or if this is a side gig. Someone who does this every day, as their main source of income, is more dedicated to their craft, and likely a better personal trainer than someone who trains as a side hustle.

Why Did They Get Into Training?

The best way to ensure you find a great personal trainer is to learn more about what makes them tick. This person is there to motivate you, teach you, and guide you through your fitness journey. Hiring someone that jives with your values is important.

What is Your Prospective Personal Trainer’s Philosophy?

Again, this comes back to values. Do you want someone who is holistic in their approach to fitness? A motivator? A spiritual guide? Or a drill sergeant? There is no right or wrong answer here, other than to find a personal trainer that matches your personality.


Do they Specialize?

Perhaps you’re an athlete coming off of an injury, maybe you’re looking to lose baby weight, or perhaps you simply want a more well-rounded lifestyle. There are a variety of specialties in the personal training world. A male who is looking to compete in an ironman may not want to hire a personal trainer focusing on post-natal fitness. Ask about your prospective trainer’s niche or specialty. Then follow up with any certifications oe continuing education that back that claim up.

Resumes Never Hurt

Resumes document our experience, and just like you would need to provide one for a new job you’re trying to land, your personal trainer should have one too. Look for someone who has a variety of experiences with at least a couple of months at each. Someone with a high level of experience, such as a business owner, consultant or highly-trained professional with good reviews is the sign of a motivated trainer who takes their career seriously.

What Does Their Availability Look Like

Okay, so you’ve found the ideal candidate and you think it might be a match. But, that person is available to start immediately. Huh? That’s not necessarily a good thing. Why are they so available? Is it because they are new? Or are they not the ideal personal trainer? You may get lucky and score a quick appointment, or the trainer may have special hours they host to meet with new clients, but don’t be turned off by someone with limited availability. That’s usually a sign business is good and so is their service.

Now you’re armed with some know-how on how to find the perfect personal trainer for your fitness needs. Do your research, ask the right questions, and make your fitness dreams a reality.