How to Stay Fit on Vacation

Keeping up with a fitness routine while you’re away from home can be a challenging endeavour. However, staying fit keeps you feeling healthy and happy, so carve out time for your fitness routine while you’re away. If you travel often for work, this becomes even more important, as fitness is a great stress reliever. Here’s a look at how to stay fit on vacation or work travel.


Why workout on your vacay?

For starters, keeping with your routine even while you’re away enables you to continue to keep your routine. Your chances of falling off the fitness wagon diminish significantly. Secondly, when you’re on vacation, you’re often eating out frequently. Food from a restaurant has far more calories (think butters, oils, sugars and other fats) than what you cook at home. If you travel for work, keeping a good fitness routine helps keep you sane during those long days away. Either way, with a little discipline it’s simple to plan and stick to a fitness routine while you are on vacation.

Schedule in workout time

Before you even pack your bags and leave for the airport, look at your itinerary. In order to successfully workout while on vacation, you’ll want to actively build in time for exercise before you step foot in your final destination. Is your itinerary packed full of activities? Perhaps consider waking up early a few days to squeeze in 30 minutes of strength training.


Are you walking a lot? Round out your physical activity with some arm and ab exercises with plenty of stretching. Set realistic expectations and fitness goals for your itinerary. There is no need to have your usual one to two hour gym session, 20 to 30 minutes on a consistent basis is far better than nothing!

Pack the essentials

No one enjoys packing tennis shoes when their plan involves lounging under an umbrella on a white sand beach all day. But if you want to stay fit while you travel, you’re going to want to bring the proper clothing and accessories to do so. Be sure to pack these travel workout essentials:

  • Workout pants or shorts

  • Workout tee or tank

  • Sports bra for the ladies

  • Proper socks

  • Proper footwear

  • Water bottle

  • Any small fitness accessories (optional)

  • LaCrosse ball (for SMR)

Keep equipment small

You don’t need to bring a bag full of kettlebells in order to have a proper travel workout. In fact, you can use nothing but your own body weight to work out. If you do decide to bring something to keep your travel workout tough, resistance bands are a great investment. Bring one medium and one heavy band or use a looped band to add resistance to common exercises such as lunges, squats, and more. These items don’t take up too much space and weigh practically nothing, making them ideal travel workout accessories.

Get creative with what you bring. A jump rope can be used to spruce up cardio or create a training circuit, two water bottles filled with water can act as replacement dumbbells.


Body weight workouts are your best friend

If you want to save some room in your bag, feel free to simply use your body weight to stay fit while on vacation. You don’t need any fancy equipment for simple exercises like pushups, situps, and squats. These exercises have the added bonus of not requiring much room to do. There are a wide variety of travel workout routines, so get creative to keep things fresh.

Considering cardio for your travel workout

If your getaway involves a lot of physical activity, then you may not need to implement a cardio routine. However, if the plan is a whole lot of nothing, then you’ll want to get that heart rate up. Running provides a great way to see a location from a different lens. Opt to get up and go for a run early in the morning and see your new surroundings in a new light. If that isn’t your thing consider swimming, riding a bike or doing small cardio circuits with a jump rope and some in-place movement. Use apps, such as Strava, to find fun running routes, compete with fellow travelers, and hold yourself accountable for your workout. These apps have a GPS built in, so there’s no worry about getting lost.

Staying fit while traveling certainly helps promote an overall healthy lifestyle. Consider integrating these travel fitness tips into your next big getaway.