How to Carve Time for a Workout Routine When You're Totally Slammed

In a world where we are constantly on the go it can be tough to carve out time for ourselves. Often times, a good workout routine goes out the window. It’s a vicious cycle, workout, start to feel good, get busy, fall off the wagon. We get it. We’ve all been there. But a healthy lifestyle requires dedication, and we’re here to help you build a workout routine that can weather the busy times. Let’s take a look at ways to make working out a priority in your life.

Schedule It

It’s easy to put aside things that aren’t in our busy calendars. Often times, an exercise routine is the first thing to go out the window. We often sacrifice our own personal goals in order to accommodate loved ones or a change in plans. When the days stack up with meetings, appointments, kid’s soccer practice, car troubles you name it, start scheduling your gym time to stick with your workout routine. This can be as simple as putting a 30-minute run in your calendar a few times a week. The point is, if you schedule a recurring time to work out, you’re more likely to honor that commitment to yourself.

Find Quick Alternatives

Sometimes life just happens, and we can’t make it work. Perhaps your car needs to take an unexpected visit to the shop. Maybe your kid is sick, and you can’t make that training class. Whatever it may be, these life events bombard our routine constantly and inhibit us from building a workout routine.

However, these setbacks don’t mean you need to ditch your workout. Come up with a few simple activities that you can do at home, like ride your bike around the neighborhood. Even if you only have 15 minutes, you can still get that heart rate up, pump your muscles and feel the burn.

Keep a list of these activities on your phone, so they are always accessible. Also, it doesn’t hurt to keep a “bag o’ fun” in your car either -  one that has a change of workout clothes, sneakers, and a couple items that you may want to work out with regularly, such as a dumbbell or two, and a towel.

Get an Accountability Buddy

Some of us do better with someone else cheering us on. When you build a workout routine, sign up for a workout class with a friend. Use a cool hashtag to track each other’s progress. Cheer each other on towards your fitness goals. Do whatever works for the both of you. Having a buddy can help you stay motivated and it also makes those early AM alarms much more enjoyable knowing you’ll get time to catch up with a friend.

Make it a Team Effort

If you find yourself constantly booked with family obligations, try integrating fitness into your family bonding time. Working out as a family, weather that be going on a hike, riding bikes, walking through the city or hitting the gym helps increase family bonds. It also invokes solid workout habits into your family values. If you don’t have a family that you are around regularly, get a gang of friends together, or join one of the many virtual fitness groups on the internet.

Hire a Trainer

Trainers work with you to reach your fitness goals and build a workout routine that is custom to you. With a trainer, you’re already scheduling in that time to work out. Together with your trainer you can come up with a feasible exercise and nutrition plan to keep you on track. We don’t mean to toot our own horn here, but at Sasquatch Training we are dedicated to creating a happier, healthier you. We go beyond fitness and also offer nutrition consultation and body composition testing to deliver a well-rounded range of services to get you on the right track.

Carve Out Time

The biggest excuse we hear in the fitness world is “I wish I could be in better shape, but I don’t have time.” Well, here’s a dose of tough love, you DO have time, but you are choosing not to make working out a priority. I always like to say, “It’s not about ‘finding’ the time, it’s about doing something different with the time you have.”

Sometimes carving out time means making sacrifices. Try waking up earlier and embedding a workout into your morning routine. Or utilize that calendar and book yourself some sweat time. Even if you can only manage 30-minute intervals, there is always enough time in the week to find an hour and half to focus on your health. 

Integrate a workout into activities you already do. For example, lift weights or do an ab workout while watching TV. Read a book on a treadmill instead of a couch. To keep the book open, place a large butterfly clip in the center of the binding to hold the book open.

Keep the Habit

It takes six weeks to develop a habit of a newly-built workout routine. At first, a new habit such as an exercise routine, may seem cumbersome. You will debate if you should stick with it. There will be days where working out is the last thing on your mind. Gather your inner strength and see it through. Once those endorphins are released, you’ll be happy you woke up at 5am for that bike ride. Pushing through those moments of self-doubt and debate will eventually lead to habit.

Photo by  Geert Pieters  on  Unsplash

Be consistent!

It’s better to get in 10-30 minutes a day, every day while forming a habit than getting in 60 minutes 2-3x a week. That consistency will promote metabolic and neurological changes that will make you feel more committed and happier with yourself than if you sporadically try to break into a routine.

Give Yourself a Break

There are circumstances where you shouldn’t work out and that’s okay. If you have an injury be kind to your body. If you’re pregnant and still trying to keep up with a routine, some days your body (and baby) will simply say no. Also, it’s healthy to take rest days. Don’t overdo it. This can lead to injury and burn out. Remember to give yourself those rest days. Focus on creating a sustainable workout habit that will last through the busy times. Three times a week is an excellent place to start. 

Now you’re motivated to get back on that workout horse. These workout tips are designed to keep you on track towards your fitness goals. The most important thing to remember is that your wellness and health are important. When you’re fit and healthy you perform better at all of the other stuff, so go ahead and carve time for YOU.