The Only Ski Training Workout You'll Ever Need

Ski training workouts are all about engaging your core and working your hips and quads. In this workout series, we focus on developing the muscles that allow for dynamic core movement so you can feel confident hitting bumps and speeding down the slopes.

Belly Dance Your Heart Out

Put on some tunes and work your dynamic core with these belly dancing moves. Shoot for 3 sets of 10-15 reps on each side. Keep your movements slow and controlled.

  1. Lift left hip up and contract your obliques. Your left heel lifts off the ground too

  2. Slide the left hip out in a straight lateral direction

  3. Drop your left heel to drop your left hip down while your hips are still extended out to the left

  4. Slide your hips back to starting position with your tailbone tucked.

The motion should feel like you’re drawing an infinity sign (a sideways figure-8) with your hips

Kettlebell Windmills for Your Core

These core-heavy windmills engage your deep core, obliques, and lumbar spine, allowing for your upper body and lower body to act separate on tough terrain. Brace your stance (tuck your tailbone in, stand tall, and engage your core) with a kettlebell up over your head in one hand, keeping your arm straight. Keep your legs straight and push your hips backward as you hinge forward from the hip. Touch either your shins or toes with your free hand. Make sure to rotate your shoulder and keep pressing the weight towards the ceiling throughout the movement. Do not attempt this exercise if you have shoulder problems. Do 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps each arm.


TRX Side Plank Sequence

This TRX sequence engages core muscles to keep you moving on big pow days. Perform 3 sets of 6 to 8 reps on each side. Start by putting your feet through the TRX loops. Stack one leg on top of the other and brace your upper body by putting your elbow at a 90-degree angle from your shoulder socket (see the photo).

Next, dip your hip to the ground, using your free arm to balance if needed. Try to keep your shoulders stacked, meaning don’t lean forward if you brace the floor with your free hand. Use a yoga block for extra support under your free hand to keep your shoulders stacked. Come up to a side plank position then engage your core and bend your legs to pull your knees towards your chest. Return to a start position for one rep.

trx hip drop knee tuck combo.jpeg

Plyometric Leg Circuit

Get a HIIT workout while you engage your legs with this circuit. Perform each segment for 30 seconds with a 30-second rest between each one. Shoot for an overall workout of 10 to 15 minutes.

Squat Jump Turns

Start in a squat position with one foot elevated on a bench no taller than 5 inches. Jump and turn 180 degrees. Be sure to jump towards the step each time.

Lateral Step Down with Knee Explosion

Stand on the right side of an 8-inch bench with your left foot on the bench and your right foot in the air. Using your knees to propel you, explosively jump off your left foot by pressing down through your toes as you leave the step to activate your calf. As your right knee comes up, so does your left hand for counterbalance. Repeat on the other side for the next interval

Jump Split Lunge

Start in a lunge position with your right foot forward and your left foot behind you and feet parallel with toes pointed forward. Jump up and switch feet in mid-air. As you land, bend your back knee and press your hands towards the floor. You don’t need to touch the floor with your hands. Repeat.

Lateral Ski Jump

Stand with your feet together and your hands in front of you with a slight bend in your elbows, just like skiing. With a slight bend in your legs jump laterally to your right as far as you can and then back to your left as far as you can. Repeat quickly.


Perform a super-exaggerated jumping jack, bringing yourself to a tight squat position when you come inward. Jump back outward, but perform a sumo squat first.

Lateral Leap and Hop

Leap sideways, jumping from one foot to another (pretend that you are jumping laterally over a 1-foot high fence), then jump upwards as high as you can with your hands over your head. Repeat


Leap from side to side as if you were speed skating, landing on one foot while touching your other foot low to the ground behind you. Go as quick as you can.

Integrate this ski workout into your training plan two to three times a week. Expect to see results in four-six weeks. With this ultimate ski training workout, you’ll be ready to hit the tough terrain this ski season.