How to Stick with a Fitness Routine for the Couch Potato in All of Us

It’s easy to get motivated to get back into shape, the challenge is sticking with the routine for the long run. Like anything worth doing, a fitness routine takes hard work and dedication. So how do you create a fitness routine that lasts? Let’s dive in and examine how to stick with your fitness routine for a happier, healthier you!

Create a Balanced Routine

The key to creating a lasting fitness routine is to incorporate balance. Injury can derail a fitness program. Don’t succumb to lop-sided training, which can lead to both injury and boredom. Behind all of these tips is an element of balance. Balance keeps you engaged and keeps your muscles from being overworked, which can lead to injury.

Spread Out Strength Training

It’s easy to skip leg day, or not take the the time to really dive into those arm curls. But when you exercise the same muscle groups two days in a row, you don’t allow your muscles to recover. This leads to injury and stress on your muscles, not good if you’re trying to stick with a fitness routine. Instead, spread out your strength training by focusing on different muscle groups for different strength training sessions. Lastly, don’t exercise any given muscle group more than three times a week. Give yourself a day’s break in between each session.


Find Something Fun

Repeating the same old arm curls, situps, and treadmill routine leads to burn-out. Focus on finding a fun activity to spice up your fitness routine. A personal trainer is an excellent resource to help vary your exercises. Learn a new sport or join a team sport to keep your mind as engaged in the workout as your muscles are.

Engage in Three Types of Cardio

It’s okay to incorporate cardio into your fitness routine up to five times in a week. However, engage in different cardio exercises throughout the week. For example, hit the stairmaster, then the rowing machine a different day and end the week with a hike. Varying your form (or doing different cardio activities), avoids overuse which can lead to injury. The variety of workouts ensures a variety of muscles are engaged and you don’t over train.


Be Like Gumby

Remember Gumby, that green flexible character from our childhood cartoons? Strive to be Gumby. Whenever you exercise, be sure to integrate active stretching into your routine. After your workout, you’ll want to “cool down” with some passive stretching to activate your Golgi Tendon organs. Bonus points if you have a dedicated stretching day, where you participate in yoga or create your own stretching routine that covers active, passive and SMR or Self-Myofascial Release stretches.

Don’t Overdo It

Remember that fun activity we talked about? Well, you should only participate in a dedicated sport for a maximum of four days out of the week. You must remember to give your body a break (balance, remember), so don’t overdo it with a dedicated sport. However, active rest days count. For example, if you climb one day you can rest with yoga the next day. Keep those rest days in place so you’ll be rested and motivated for your next workout.

Balance is the key to creating a fitness routine that lasts. These tips and tricks for a fitness routine are designed to keep you on track towards a healthier lifestyle, so go ahead and invite balance into your life.