Fitness Training Services

Sasquatch Training offers a variety of services for clients located in Evergreen, Genesee, Golden and West Denver Metro areas. We believe in a face-to-face relationship. Don't be shy, contact us today!

Call or text today for pricing and to schedule your FREE Basic Fitness Assessment and Consultation!

Fitness and Nutrition Services may be purchased separately or together for a discounted rate and must be used within 6 months of the first paid session. Couples and Small Group (3-4 people) discounts available as well!

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We Proudly Offer the Best In-Home Fitness Training

When you train with us, you don't have to worry about a thing. We happily provide all necessary equipment, all we need is a few minutes for set up and clean up. 

At Sasquatch Training, we understand that schedules are often hectic. That's why we offer training sessions right in your own home. We are happy to accommodate your needs and book a location that best suits you. We even offer training sessions outside to take advantage of that sunny Colorado weather!

Sessions are available Monday - Thursday 7:30 AM - 6 PM*

*Schedule Subject to Change

         Assessment & Consultation

         Assessment & Consultation

FREE In-Depth Fitness Assessment & Consultation

Before we begin our fitness journey, we want to get to know you. This helps us work together to create a tailored plan that meets your needs in a safe and sustainable way.

During your first 60 to 75 minute session, your trainer will perform a series of physical assessments including:

  • Resting and exercise heart rates
  • Blood pressure
  • Muscular endurance and strength
  • Aerobic capacity (how fast does your heart get your body the oxygen it needs)
  • Body composition (fat to lean tissue ratio)
  • Upper and lower body flexibility
  • Muscle and joint imbalances

We will also discuss your fitness goals and needs. Aside from your aspirations, we will take your budget and timeline into consideration. Lastly, we will talk about what it is you want from a trainer, so we can be our best for you.

After the assessment we determine the exact level and phase in which you will begin your training sessions. This process is critical for designing a safe and effective workout regime to meet your specific goals.  Lastly, we will craft a best plan of actions to make your fitness dreams a reality.

 Training Sessions & Packages

 Training Sessions & Packages

Personal Training Sessions

We offer bulk discounts when you purchase multiple sessions. Save more and stay on top of your fitness goals. 

  • 1 Hour Individual Sessions: Get the most out of your session time with individualized 1-Hour sessions. No commitment necessary, workout on your schedule when it suits you best. (Must have had an Assessment & Consult)
  • 5-Pack of 1 Hour Sessions (5% Savings)
  • 10-Pack of 1 Hour Sessions (10% Savings)
          Body Composition Testing

          Body Composition Testing

Body Composition Testing

Body composition testing is used to determine the amount of Total Body Fat (in percent and weight) versus the amount of lean body tissue. The information gained is used to identify healthy risk factors, starting points for fitness and nutrition programs, and formulate personal goals. This service is provided during the Basic Fitness Assessment and fitness sessions, however it may be purchased separately. 

                Nutrition Services

                Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services

Robyn Fog is a licensed Fitness Nutrition Specialist. She spent most of her time doing her graduate research on exercise metabolism and nutrition. If you are interested in Nutrition Services, please mention this during the Fitness Assessment and Consultation so we can determine what is best for your total health.