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Get fit. Build community. Spend time with your kids.

Are you a new mom looking to get fit with your kid? Do you value fitness and family?

Join us on Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays at the Colorado Mills Mall in Golden from 8 to 9 AM for a fun, social, and effective workout!

Stroller Brigade (brought to you by Sasquatch Training) is an up-beat group fitness perfect for new parents and guardians of stroller-aged children and babies.

What are Sessions Like?

After a warm-up, ice-breaker chat and quick dynamic stretch, we will walk, jog or run to various locations throughout the mall. Each stop will include a variety of resistance exercises using body weight and resistance bands to keep up a good sweat and increase your calorie burn. Learn innovative ways to keep fit on the go all while making friends and spending time with your kids.

Throughout the workout we will sing and interact with the kiddos. Get back in shape and bond with your kid! Afterwards, we finish with a good 15-20 minutes of core work and stretching.

Who should join?

Everyone with stroller-aged children! (Minimum age is 6 weeks old.)

Why Sasquatch Stroller Brigade?

Unlike other similar companies, all of our instructors are Certified Personal Trainers and Group Fitness specialists. Founder, Robyn Fog-Wiltse, has her masters in Exercise Physiology from New Your Medical College, is a retired pro-athlete, owner of Sasquatch Training, and a new mom all over again for the second time in nearly 11 years!

No Registration required for the first class, try us for free or bring a friend!

After your first class:

Individual Sessions are $20
5-Packs of Sessions are $95
10-Packs of Sessions are $180

Discount for teachers, nurses, and first responders! (Valid/current ID required at trial class to get the promocode)


What should I bring?

  • Workout clothing + Sneakers

  • Water

  • You child in a stroller along with any snacks and/or toys they might want to play with

  • Your resistance band(s)

  • A towel or yoga mat for ab work and stretching at the end. (Some parents bring floor mats that are a bit bigger so their children can play on the mat while they are finishing their workout at the end of the session.)

  • Hand sanitizer (optional - there are a few places around the mall where they have hand sanitizer accessible)

  • Your Punch Card

My child gets fussy in a stroller, is this class for me?

Absolutely! We play with the children throughout the entire class. Some of the interaction is between you and your child and in some cases we sing and “dance” with all the children as a group. Also, if you need to stop and tend to your child, no problem! Remember, you are surrounded by other parents and we all get it! Take your time and just meet up with us as the next station or take the time you need at the station to take care of your little one and skip the exercise for a couple minutes.

I’m a beginner, is this a good class for me?/I’m a seasoned athlete, is this a good class for me?

In both cases, yes!! We are all about self-care in an encouraging environment. The design of the class allows each parent to push as hard as they want. Therefore, beginners are able to get in a great workout just as easily as hardcore fitness buffs. You can run when you want to, or walk if you want to. Also, for every resistance and ab exercise we do, there are multiple levels of difficulty that enable everyone to get the pump they need at an appropriate work level. We are all inclusive and judgement free!

How will I know if there are cancellations?

All cancellations will be announced on our Facebook page as well as on our Meetup page at least one hour prior to the session. It is a good idea to double check one of the websites before class as a habit although cancelations will be extremely rare and only in cases of emergency or weather.

I have my own resistance bands, do I still need to buy new ones?

Nope! If you have your own, by all means, bring them! We will be using long resistance bands of light/medium to medium/heavy weight for many exercises during the resistance stops during our workouts.

I don’t own a jogging stroller, can I still join?

Yes! You can bring any type of stroller you wish as long as it is stable and preferably has a locking brake on it.


Get fit with your kiddo now! Sign up for the Sasquatch Training Stroller Brigade today!