Robyn "Sasquatch" Fog: MS Physiology, NASM - CPT, WFS & FNS

As a life-long and professional athlete, I know what it takes to be the best. Dedication, strong will power, and a great coach. Too often, elite and aspiring professional athletes follow workout protocols that lead to injury and sub-optimal results. Hiring a professionally licensed trainer is a great way to improve athletic performance while minimizing injury risk and correcting existing physiological problems.

Robyn's Credentials

I am an active student of Exercise Science. Also, I earned a Masters Degree in Physiology from New York Medical College in 2013. While I was finishing the program, I also obtained my Certified Personal Trainer license through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Since graduating, I've also obtained certifications of Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Women's Fitness Specialist. I have experience working with individuals at all levels of athletic ability; professional athletes, small to large fitness groups, as well as leading Women's Rock Climbing Clinics, climbing groups, and fitness talks at The Cliffs at Valhalla, NY and here in Golden, CO at Earth Treks Climbing Center.

Most recently, Robyn has appeared in Backpacker Magazine as a fitness expert for hiking and backpacking. Her expertise and passion for the outdoors has made her a resident expert for the magazine.

My Beliefs in Fitness

A great Personal Trainer is only as good as their application of knowledge. I pride myself on continuing work as a student of Exercise Science. As a Trainer, I attend workshops, read current primary scientific research on metabolism and exercise modalities, and make sure that I am on the cutting edge of optimal exercise technique and nutritional health.

I know first-hand exactly how hard it is to "find the time" to squeeze in a workout or all-out training session. As a mom, wife, and former high school teacher, I know the struggle to balance it all.

 It is possible to carve out the time to be fit. I truly believe taking time to be healthy is equally as important as other obligations. It's not about "finding" the time, it's about doing something different with the time you have! 

   2nd Place: 2016 Kansas City Battle Frog Elite

   2nd Place: 2016 Kansas City Battle Frog Elite

      American Ninja Warrior - S 7 Kansas City

      American Ninja Warrior - S 7 Kansas City